February 20, 2020

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BD Clean Chatmohar team upazila including Shaheed Minar cleanliness event held

Daily Pabna

Mehdi Hasan Milan Pabna (Chatmohar)

BD Clean – The 8th event of the Chatmohar team was held today (Thursday).

“What can I forget about February twenty-one in my brother’s blood”?

20 is a number. Every month of the year, even though February 20 comes with pain and joy. Because, in Ekushey February, there is the song of realization, the pain of losing a brother and the promise to wake up as a Bengali.
So, the year comes to Bengalis with a message of respect. This respect is proud. This respect is of arrogance. The immersion of life for the mother tongue is rare in the history of the world. But by unraveling the history, she has established the status of mother tongue in the Bengali world; Received International Mother Language Day.

Yes, you are right in thinking that we are throwing garbage in a holy place like this martyr minar, a messy environment around, though at the center of it all is clean, clean and clean, but how long this awareness is… it just feels bad. Until February then “Whatever Lau is the same pumpkin”

As part of this, Central Shaheed Minar, Chatmohar Government RCN & BSN Pilot High School, Chattmohar Government High School, Chatmohar Girls High School, Chatmohar Government Model Primary School, Afro School, Chhatra Mohar Primary School, Afro School. By doing Chattmohar Upazila Commissioner (Land) Mr. Ektekharul Islam, Upazila Secondary and Higher Secondary Education Officer Mr. Md. Maghreb Hossain, President of Bangladesh Human Rights Commission Chatmohar Upazila Branch, journalist KM Belalur Rahman Uhman and Shaphar Officer Rahman. Sarkar Mohammad Raihan.

BD Clean – Chatmohar Coordinator Mehedi Hassan Atar said, “Shaheed Minar, a martyr of various educational institutions including Chattoohar Upazila Central Martyrs, launched a clean raid on Thursday 28th February, 2002, mainly on the occasion of International Mother Language Day.” Our goal is to create awareness in the minds of the citizens, which is why BD Clean – organized by the opinion of the experienced warriors of Chatmohar. ”

“Country love is not in the face
You have to pick it up
If we can
Why not you ”
-> So let’s swear,
– I will hold the book for 5 days without limiting patriotism for one day.
-R is not a garbage-dump.
-We will keep the holy martyr minarets holy.
“This is not patriotism, not one day a year. But, according to Bangabandhu’s comment (” We have to be the gold man of the gold country “), we can be the gold man.