February 21, 2020

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Sarika Sabah is interested in good story cinema

Sarika Sabah is a spectacular actress of this generation. The young girl has come to the mainstream after playing the role of Jhumu in the current series ‘Family Crisis’ on NTV directed by Muhammad Mostafa Kamal Raj. Jhumurai is also accelerating the pace of his work to move him forward the next day. And so his busyness is increasing day by day. Unlike many star actors in the meantime. That is why its popularity with the audience is increasing.

Notable plays in recent times have been ‘Other Love Stories’, ‘Yet You’, ‘Girl’, ‘Heart Wanted’, ‘O Doctor’. However, Sarika Sabah admits that her popularity has come from acting mainly as Jhumur. From the creator of the series’ Family Crisis, every artist has given him the highest support. Sarika, too, seems to be enjoying acting. Subarna Mustafa and Jaya Ahsan are her inspiration in this regard. He has to overcome many difficult paths in the future, and this is normal, for the two actors who are such inspiring talent.

Sarika Adnan was the first to serve as an advertising model for Al Rajiv. Later, Mustafa Sarwar Farooqi, Redwan Roni, Ashfaq Uzzaman Bipul and many others were the model. Meanwhile, today is Sarika Sabah’s birthday. He will also be shooting on his birthday.

He said, “I wish I could take a break in the day. But Raj Bhaiya told me to shoot a shift. I didn’t do that either. Since this is a continuation of my channel, I hope to have a nice birthday with everyone. And really, the character of Jhumu has brought me a lot of discussion. That is why I am deeply grateful to the entire Family Crisis team. ”

Sarika Sabah said she will spend time with her family after the shooting. At 25, Sarika first performed in the play ‘Friends’ under the direction of Raj. After that he could not spend time acting because he was busy with his studies. There was, however, little barrier to acting from the family. But there is no longer any barrier from the family due to the good in education. Sarika has a strong interest in acting in cinema. But now he has no intention of working on a new series.

Sarika said, “If the story and the character is like mind, I will only work in the movie. Let’s see what the time says. ”Sarika completed her graduation in Computer Science and Engineering from Sabah NorthSouth University. Salekur Rahman Shamim and Rubina Rahman are the only children of the couple, Sarika Sabah. His favorite actors are Afzal Hossain and Afran Nisho.

PDSO / Taj