February 20, 2020

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Shibganj Upazila AL League candidate for clean image Abdur Rahman

Special Correspondent: Bangladesh Awami League Shibganj Upazila Branch Conference will be held on Sunday, February 26, after three years of the past. Surrounded by the conference, the grassroots leaders of the grassroots are greatly encouraged and exalted. As a result, grassroots leaders have been booked with new hope.
According to the announcement of the Prime Minister and Awami League President Sheikh Hasina, the leaders of the leaving leaders will be evaluated at the conference. Shibganj upazila consists of 3 union parishads and one municipality.

Former Upazila Awami League executive committee member and current president of Nolabhanga Union Awami League No. 3 wants to become general secretary to strengthen and unify the Upazila Awami League organization. Abdur Rahman.

“I have been elected President of the Nayalabhanga Union Awami League No. 3 in succession, which cannot happen without the love of the people,” she said. So I want to be the general secretary of the Upazila Awami League just to give the people love. If elected, I hope to have the opportunity to serve the people better.

He also said that for the Bangabandhu model, I have been doing politics for so long. I want to strengthen this organization of Sheikh Hasina by removing all the differences of Shivganj Upazila Awami League. Because we are all the soldiers of the boat under the leadership of Bangabandhu and Sheikh Hasina.

The union leaders here want to see him in this important position. As a reason they say that he works for the common people. Never be in danger of anyone. He tries his best to benefit the people.

Asked if the other presidential candidates are eligible, he said of the other candidates, that all candidates are eligible. This is where he introduced the big mind. Because he does not think of anyone as small. Tell everyone to work together in unison.

It is important to note that at the last Shivganj Upazila Awami League conference on November 25, former MP Golam Rabbani was elected president and professor ataur Rahman general secretary. Later, the Shibganj Upazila Awami League Committee did not get approval and due to the failure of the president and general secretary, the political activities of the Shivganj Upazila Awami League were halted