February 21, 2020

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Shilpa is spreading the light differently

Bollywood actress Shilpa Shetty is not lost yet. The actress is very active as a social worker, publishing her own book on yoga. Besides, his name is on the list of several movies released. However, he repeatedly told the media that he was not lost yet.

Meanwhile, the video-sharing app Tickets has exceeded Bollywood’s popular Bollywood actress Shilpa Sethi’s follower in just 7 days. He shared a video on his Instagram ID.

There he wrote, “Can anyone earn 1 crore in a day? I got it However, I have taken it alone or not with you. ā€¯Shilpa has mentioned that the number of followers of his tiktak account to exceed 5 million. Shilpa Shetty is one of the most popular Bollywood actresses.

At one time, Shah Rukh Khan, Akshay Kumar, Salman Khan, Sunil Sethi worked together with everyone. Shilpa is not only a good actress, a good dancer as well. She has a happy family with her husband and children. However, this actress has not been seen doing any movie for a long time.

PDSO / Taj