February 20, 2020

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The language is a greenery of red marble to spread martyrdom of martyrs

Atrai (Naogaon) Representatives: The Red Green Ferrywalk is selling flags to commemorate the martyrdom of the great language martyrs in Naogaon, to stimulate the lingua franca, and to reflect the expression of emotion.

Krishnachaura’s red is formed in the wilderness. The words of the great Language Day are swirling momentarily in the air. The red-green flag is on the horizon. Bloody flags, where thousands of years of story of the victory of green and white victory are hidden in Bengal. Our country, Bangladesh’s beloved homeland, holds the national flag on various important days of the state including Independence Day, Victory Day and Ekushey February or Martyrdom Day. These days, many hobbies and flag the flag. Many people also get national flags in their cars.

From the beginning of February, on the occasion of International Mother Language Day, there has been a threat of flag raising in every area of ‚Äč‚ÄčAtrai upazila of Naogaon. February 28 is a day of great language, a poignant and glorious memory of the self-aggrandizement of Bengali and the language movement of the Bengali nation. Day of flying the red-green flag at the base of the world. The students of Dhaka University disobeyed Article 5 and fired on the highway when the students of the University of Dhaka disobeyed the clause. Many people including Barkat, Jabbar, Salam were also injured in the incident. Bangla mother’s language is taken away by Bangla. That is why the national flag is of special importance in February. On that day, the national flag of the Red Subbaz will be flown by the government and private organizations.

Seasonal traders are selling flags on the sidewalk, arranging large and small flags from a few feet long to the bottom in front of the Great Language Day. A young man, who was standing in a hideout at Mirzapur-Bhabanipur market in Atrai upazila of Naogaon, was arrested for selling the national flag yesterday. Flags tied with bamboo were flying down the northern glacier. Each flag is selling from Rs.

Talking to seasonal flag dealer Rafiqul Islam from Faridpur, many people were upset when they saw the flag flying. Great language commemorates the day, so many people want to buy the flag and move it in front of the roof, balcony, car, rickshaw and motorcycle. Due to this, seasonal flags like his have become red and green flag for vendors.

Rafiqul Islam said he was not a resident of this district. His home is in Faridpur district. But for no other reason, the native of Faridpur has come to sell only the national flag on the occasion of the Great Language Day.

While talking to Rafiqul Islam, Debendranath Pal, head teacher of Magura Akbarpur Government Primary School, bought two flags. He said one for my school and the other for flying home. The flag bearers carry the message of the coming of the language day to the people of this municipality. I want the whole Bangladesh to win the month of victory in our proud flag. And the dreamers of the weaving flag of their own dreams.