February 20, 2020

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Tomorrow is Friday, International Mother Language Day

National Desk: Tomorrow is Friday, February 26, ‘Shaheed Day and International Mother Language Day’. The day will be commemorated in proper dignity to commemorate language martyrs all over the world, including Bangladesh.
Tomorrow, the nation will pay homage to the great martyrs of Ekushey through various programs including floral offerings at the central Shaheed Minar altar in Dhaka and discussion at various places.

President Md. Abdul Hamid will present the first floral wreath at the central Shaheed Minar at 12:30 am at the first watch of Ekushey. Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina will pay tribute to the martyrs’ memory soon thereafter.

On the occasion of the day various political parties and socio-cultural organizations have taken huge programs. The Awami League’s two-day programs include wreath-laying at the Central Shaheed Minar at 12:30 pm (paying tribute to the President and the Prime Minister), the national office of the organization and the black flag hoisting of all the branches of the organization, including the Bangabandhu Bhavan. At 8am, holding a black badge, paying homage and paying homage to the Shaheed’s grave at Azimpur Cemetery with the dawn, and at the Central Shaheed Minar.

In addition, a discussion meeting will be held at Bangabandhu International Conference Center on Saturday, February 22 at 8 pm. The Prime Minister and Awami League President Sheikh Hasina will preside over it.

Already all preparations for the immortal Ekushey celebrations have been completed. Special security measures have been taken in the area around the central Shaheed Minar, Azimpur Cemetery and around Ekushey Prabhat Ferry.

DMP Commissioner Moha said four levels of security were taken around the central Shaheed Minar on the occasion. Shafiqul Islam.

He told reporters in front of the Central Shaheed Minar after visiting the security measures adopted by the DMP at International Mother Language Day on Wednesday.

The DMP Commissioner said, like other years, this time around Shahad Minar and International Mother Language Day, there will be four levels of security around the Shaheed Minar. Everywhere in the center of the Shaheed Minar will be covered by a CC camera. No person shall be allowed to enter the courtyard of the Shaheed Minar except the archway and the search. Security forces will be deployed 24 hours.

The most noble and rare legacy for any nation is the inheritance of the dead – the legacy of knowing and dying. On the twenty-first day of February 12, the Shahadis have given the nation a noble and rare inheritance.

On this day, people from all walks of life, including students and youth of Bengal (then East Pakistan), demanded to make Bangla a state language, ignoring the eyes of the ruling party and the rule of administration, and came down the road.

Salam, Jabbar, Shafiq, Barkat and Rafiq (Gu-libid) became martyrs when the police opened fire on the students’ march as fear of Pakistani rulers in the movement to establish their mother’s language. MP News.

Meanwhile, February 26 is a national holiday. On this day, the national flag will be kept in half in all government, semi-government, autonomous, educational institutions and private buildings